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Witty, Nasty and Creative: How Burger King and McDonald's set new standards for brand rivalry

As we look back on the most iconic and lethal brand wars ever to happen, we can't help but give McDonald's and Burger King the top spot for their formidable and hilarious rivalry. Sure, there is also Apple vs Samsung story that needs to be told, but for another time maybe. Right now, let us shed a spotlight on these two fast-food giants.

Burger King and McDonald's are the two fast food chains that have shaped the fast food culture not just in their home country but all over the world. As of now, they have a strong presence in over 120 countries, competing to be in the top spot. People from all over the world have their preferences when it comes to Burger King and McDonald's. We are not taking any sides here, but you can, we would very much like to hear which is your favourite fast food brand and comment down your thoughts!

McDonald's and Burger King were both started almost at the same time, in 1955 and 1954 respectively. These two joints which went on to rule the fast food market, actually had humble beginnings. But as they rose in the market by providing great customer service and quality food, the rivalry between these two joints became intense. Both Burger King and McDonald's got an amazing marketing team, which is pretty obvious with their billboards, marketing gimmicks, and ads. But there's more to the stuff than what meets the eye, in this blog, We'll show you some of the iconic ways in which these junk food lords have gotten back at each other, hilariously trolling each other to prove a point or grab your ATTENTION!

This is what you call "using enemies' strengths against them". The funny-looking fella standing before the counter is the famous McDonald's Clown, but wait, what's he doing at Burger King, ordering a huge hamburger special to go? This ad turned a lot of heads, and rightly so. Many times, burger king has used McDonald's clown's against them and it is not easy to do that. The creative pull their marketing team must have had, darn. This ad said everything without saying anything. As the Burger King's copywriter famously wrote "Because the clown always bows before a king"

This is yet another example of classic and savage marketing. Did you know? A recent survey exemplifies the fact that people think Burger King is twice as good as McDonald's. No, Burger King hasn't developed a sudden secret recipe for their burgers, it is solely because of their online and offline marketing. McDonald's cannot be left behind for long too, Just take a look at how they came back..with a bang.

This is how McDonald's keeps returning the favour. Both have an unending capacity for creativity that is witty and attention-grabbing.

Fast Food chain industry does not possess much room to innovate, they need the system going on as it is to keep the operations running. But they sure can slay it at marketing. If we start looking at the many billboards of these companies, they are less about directly promoting their food items and more about showing how they are better than their competition.

McDonald's aggressive approach to expanding globally as a fast food chain in the 1960s is truly inspiring, it means that their team's thinking was much ahead of its time. And Burger King's value pricing and promotions took them to heights that were only a dream for many other similar businesses. There is much to learn about their marketing strategies and consumer engagement approach, this is only just a glimpse into their fascinating burger-y world. Stay tuned for more updates.

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Ganesh .S.E
Ganesh .S.E
Aug 27, 2023

Nice article, I prefer neither, because in India we are paying more for their brand than their food. Would love to read about the Microsoft vs. Apple Ad Wars (Mac vs. PC).


Preksha Jain
Preksha Jain
Aug 18, 2023

I love this wow! I just love how its written, so playful and quirky. The storytelling is as good as the story and I am obsessed with that!

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