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Updated: Aug 10, 2023

If you have found your way to this page then you must really like exploring random things on the internet, which also means that you and I will go along well.

I hope you like reading because I really love writing.


I am Preksha Jain.

I was in the eighth standard when I first realised that I was extremely fond of writing. I was also fond of reading, cooking, dancing, watching movies, and spending time with friends. I loved studying, I loved traveling, and wanted to become an actor too. It wasn't like I was poor at any of this, I am very loved as almost all of these, I am genuinely a great cook, I have a very happening goodreads account, a testament to my passion for reading, I did a bachelors course in Literature, Theater and Psychology and proved to be a good actor, a discussion-worthy student in both literature and psychology with decent scores as well. A lot of content on this website talks of my other interests.

Since I remember carrying a multitude of interests, I remember having a fear. A fear of proving to be absolutely useless and finding no profession good enough for me in the future. To people around me, I seem like a very sorted woman with her life figured out. The truth is I have always lived with a fear that I will be a living example of the saying "jack of all master of none".

I probably am, I am always doing so many things together. This new blog included. So I am going to leave behind some words that would carry the passion I hold for each of my interests and see where this road takes me.

Bear with me people, thank you for reading till here.

Tell me what should I start with first! (Also apparently if you subscribe you will get regular updates, don't worry I won't spam)

Lots of excitement,


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