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The Rise of Vidyaan Educations!

Updated: Aug 13, 2023

What started as a late-night phone call between two BA students (concerned by the retiring education methods during the Covid lockdown) is today a family of 100 (and growing).

Vidyaan Educations

It has been almost two and a half years since Vidyaan, then-'Viddwan', was conceptualized. It goes back to a heated discussion between my college classmate Preet Bohra and me on the topic of tuition. He, being a teacher of six years was absolutely pro tutoring and I, a 'never been to tuitions' girl- was baffled at the idea that tuitions could be a necessary part of life. The argument went elsewhere when we both recognized the tilting- a lethargic and incurious mindset that students (including ourselves) were developing thanks to the online platforms.

We realized the need for a holistic, interactive, safe, and unconventional approach toward education for the students around us. This led to the inception of Vidyaan Educations.

I knew it was time to channel my rusting skills into the land of entrepreneurship.

It is so funny to think how far we have come, I'll tell you how far- the logo was first made on MS Paint! It took me months to make a website I can now make in three days! The list can go on.

Vidyaan educations extra currivcular

The truth is- Vidyaan was and has been the biggest learning curve of my life. I knew that the best thing to study would be the learning needs and the best methods to approach students fed up with their google meet or MS Teams lectures- one Zoom call away from losing interest in studies altogether. read a lot of papers on learning styles and we set our first curriculum. We divided our yearly plan into four basic modules and we set our right foot in.

Fast forward to today- a team of 15 and a huge family that is moving onto its third academic year; has two beautifully interiorized rooms; and is looking positively towards a future of healthy education.

What is Vidyaan?

Before you ask that, ask yourself what is education.

Education is not just studies. Education is studies and more, this is what Vidyaan stands for.

Adopted from the roots of Indian education and an amalgamation of student needs and contemporary competition, Vidyaan aims toward a child's holistic development. Focusing on the right and left brain, sharpening studies along with necessary skills, extracurricular skills, and performance. This is what Vidyaan stands for, honestly if you are interested you could read more here.

Vidyaan is divided into four main modules-

Academics- All subjects, all boards

Extra-curricular- Physical development (dance, music, theatre)

Essential Skills Workshops- focus on life-skills

Events & Shows- performance brings confidence


We have also recently launched our own preschool- Vidyaanubhav.

Vidyaanubhav Preschool

It is a combination of 'Vidyaan

ideologies' and the fundamental need of the early foundation years- 'experience', or as we say in hindi: "अनुभव". As the name suggests, a major priority is experiential learning. It focuses on discipline , punctuality, freedom, healing and safety.

We aim to help provide a solid foundation in all the core subjects and meet the need of children's learning at the age of 2-6.

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